All Mechanics Lien Forms Are Custom Drafted:

50 State National Mechanic’s Lien Filing Services

Each State Is Different.

There is nothing more dangerous than buying a “one size fits” generic form of mechanics lien on the Internet. There is not a single state that has an identical form. Every single jurisdiction is different. That is why we review and customize all our mechanics lien forms to meet those state parameters.


Meeting all Technical Requirements:

There are a myriad of requirements and technicalities that must be met mandatorily by statute in each state. This is because mechanics liens are a creature of statute and are strictly construed by the clerk’s offices and the courts.  Unless all aspects of the statute are complied with, your mechanics lien will not be valid.

Best Collection Device—Ever.

Contractors and suppliers are constantly making demands for payment from customers, and many cases extend well over 30 to 60 days. You know the drill–calls are made, updated invoices sent, follow-up requests generated and then formal demands. In many cases, payment is still not forthcoming.
As soon as you file a mechanics lien, everything changes.  You are suddenly taken seriously. It is the best way to collect unpaid money for labor, materials, and equipment supplied.

Remember also that contractors and suppliers are “special” in terms of collection. Anybody else has to bring a small claims action or a breach of contract lawsuit to collect their monies. But only a contractor or vendor of construction materials or equipment can file an actual lien against the property. Take advantage of that special device.


As in any business, there is no substitute for experience. Our attorney of record, Noam J. Cohen, Esq., along with his staff members, have been preparing mechanics liens since 1976– almost 40 years.

Attorney Prepared:

Every mechanics lien is individually reviewed by a licensed attorney, as well as an attorney experienced in construction law.

Quick Professional Service:

We realize that in many cases, you are literally days away from the deadline in filing a mechanics lien.  For this reason, most of our liens are prepared and sent out for recording and service within 48 hours. This is because missing a time deadline is unforgiving: even being late one day will make your mechanics lien unenforceable.

Block Sale of the Property or Refinance:

Once the mechanics lien is recorded as a matter of public record, it will by definition prevent the sale or refinance of the property. This provides the extra leverage to effectuate a settlement.

PRICING: $500.00 per lien, plus filing fee and certified mail. Includes professional title search through a national title company, address verification, name verification, project verification, notarization, any calls to the clerk’s office, as well as consultation during the process.