07 Oct, 2020

How To Find a Debt Collections Attorney

How To Find a Debt Collections Attorney

Debt collection can be a sticky situation for any business, even as consumer debt continues to grow, reaching $14 trillion in 2019. It now represents an increase of approximately $2.3 trillion since the peak of the Great Recession in 2009. Now more than ever, companies need to work with a collections agency or a debt collections law firm whenever they need to recoup the money they are owed.

A debt collections lawyer has the right to take a debtor to court-a factor that collections agencies might not be able to. But how do you find the right Florida collection attorney? Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

1. Experience

It is essential to consider the competence of your collections lawyer. Which law school did they attend? How many debt cases have the debt collection law firm handled so far? What is their success rate? Find an attorney with strong credentials and a track record of successfully litigated cases. A collection lawyer with more experience may raise the odds of recouping some of the debt you are owed by leveraging their skills.

2. Specialization

You may need to find a debt collection law firm with a firm footing in matters regarding unpaid accounts. The lawyer should understand the complexities of debt and bankruptcy laws. A collections attorney with a fundamental understanding of debt collections may help you avoid legal pitfalls when trying to recover your money. The law firm will also help you adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

3. Communication

The Florida collection lawyer needs to maintain open and on-going communication with their clients. Personalized attention allows the attorney to present a realistic assessment of your case. The debt collection law firm can also advise on collection possibilities and the real cost of litigation for your case. Proper communication with the lawyer is essential to a successful resolution of you.

4. Accessibility

You may need to find a Florida collections law firm that can dedicate time to your case. The collection attorney should move quickly to seek relief from an automatic stay of bankruptcy. The pre-judgment remedies will help protect your business and preserve potential assets before they disappear. The lawyer should also point out to their clients of debtors who have been dishonest or misrepresented their assets and seek legal action.

5. Fees

You need to determine how your preferred debt collection law firm sets its legal fees. Some lawyers charge a flat fee, especially when you only need a specific service, such as drafting a demand letter. Other law firms may opt for a contingency model. They set a percentage which you only pay once your case has been concluded. You may also choose to go with a law firm that charges on billable hours.

6. References

Finding a debt collection law firm can be overwhelming, especially when you do not know where to start. You may ask your friends, family, or business associates to recommend a lawyer they know. You can also head out to local or state bar associations. Check past client reviews of the candidates that you shortlist. Find a debt collections attorney that you can quickly gel with.

Businesses are on an everyday struggle to recoup money owed to them by debtors. The tips above can help you located the right attorney for your case. Finding an experienced lawyer can set you on a path to getting your money back.