11 Aug, 2020

Locate Debtors Fast with the Services of a Collection Lawyer

Locate Debtors Fast with the Services of a Collection Lawyer

In 2019, consumer debt grew to nearly $14 trillion, which is an increase of almost $2.3 trillion since the Great Recession peak of 2009. What does this mean for your business? It’s likely that you have quite a few outstanding debts that need to be collected. You may have tried everything, but still, you weren’t able to collect.

It’s time to hire a collections lawyer that is fully bonded and insured in commercial collections and litigation law within the state of Florida. A debt collection law firm concentrates on retail and commercial collections so you don’t have to. They are dedicated to collecting accounts receivable and outstanding debts on your behalf in a professional and prompt manner.

Why Hire a Collections Law Firm?

A Florida Collections Law Firm has the specialized software needed to make collections. The most advanced techniques for skip-tracing are utilized so they can locate debtors fast, as well as their assets. Typically, a collections lawyer works on a 1/3 contingency basis. What does that mean for you? They are only paid when they have been able to collect. You can expect to be updated frequently concerning collections cases so you are fully aware of any progress when it comes to legal collection matters.

Persistent and Aggressive Collections Lawyers Are Needed

Collections are not easy to make. A Florida collections lawyer has to be persistent and aggressive in order to collect an outstanding debt. Among their arsenal for collecting debt, a collections lawyer is capable of sending amicable letters that result in resolving matters without the need to file a lawsuit. Debtors tend to be more responsive to letters sent by a collections attorney too.

When a debtor refuses to pay their outstanding debt, then it is time to file a suit and take them to court. You can depend on your collections lawyer to file the lawsuit and obtain a judgment for you. A collections agency would not be able to initiate a lawsuit on your behalf. This is what positively sets collections lawyers apart from agencies that can’t fully assist in collection debt.

Attorneys Have Various Means to Enforce and Collect Judgments

Besides being able to file lawsuits and obtain judgments for you, a collections attorney has the ability to collect and enforce judgments using various legal remedies including garnishment of bank accounts and wages. They can also levy or seize assets. Use a law firm that offers collection services that are flexible when it comes to their collection strategies. The right fit includes being able to tailor their collection efforts and aggressiveness to your precise needs and instructions.

Collections Services Help Keep Your Business Afloat

Your main goal is to keep your business afloat. However, when you are not paid for services rendered, that hurts your flow of income. Not being paid means that your business faulters and your operations are negatively impacted. When debtors show no signs of paying, what are you to do? You can’t spend hours trying to badger them into paying. Who is going to focus on running your business when your time is dominated by collections? Collection specialists can make sure that you get paid what you are owed in a proficient and prompt manner.

Law Firms Can Easily Collect Debt for Your Business

A law firm, especially one that specializes in debt collection, can easily collect debt for you and carry out any legal actions needed when debtors refuse to pay. When you hire a debt collections law firm, you don’t have to waste time on collections. Use collections lawyers with many years of experience in collections to reap the rewards associated with their keen services. Their expertise means all of the difference when it comes to garnering collections and the legal assistance needed to collect those debts in a timely manner. Their services help your business stay afloat.