Breach of Contract Elements

The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, P.A. can assist people with breach of contract cases & matters. We are dedicated in protecting the rights of our clients, whether they be individuals or businesses.

A contract is an agreement between two parties that is legally binding. A well-crafted contract clearly states all the relevant conditions and terms. It also sets the obligations and rights of both parties. Most contracts have multiple pages even if it has been written to be concise.

Need Breach of Contract Cases Legal Help?

A contract dispute arises when one of the parties fails to perform the duties stated, or renders it impossible for the other party to perform one’s duties. One of the parties may file a breach of contract suit that often claims that the defendant’s act or failure to act has caused harm to the plaintiff. More often than not, the suit involves financial loss. At present, even the most basic contract already anticipates disputes and has provisions for resolution of disputes.

The most common topics in breach of contract suits include:

  • Non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement;
  • Mortgage acceleration clause;
  • Merger or modification of agreements;
  • General or limited release of liability;
  • Choice of venue or law;
  • General or limited warranty;
  • Indemnification;
  • Mediation or arbitration;
  • Substantial or best efforts performance;
  • Transfer of rights;
  • Intellectual property rights; and
  • Covenant not to compete.

The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, P.A. handles all types of legal disputes including breach of contract claims. We can review the contract to determine what rights you have, your obligations, and defenses or remedies available.

It is difficult to prevent disputes and contract problems completely, but the risks of disputes can be reduced with well-drafted contracts and smart decision-making. There will always be risks, but it can be minimized by consulting a lawyer who specializes in breach of contract suits. We review and evaluate contracts, make drafts,advise about remedies and rights, negotiate with the other party, and resolve disputes via negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

When representing individuals or businesses, our breach of contract attorneys look for cost effective solutions for any contract disputes. During the early stages of the contract dispute, we recommend early negotiation, arbitration or mediation to avoid costly trials. But there are instances when the most cost-effective resolution of the suit can only be obtained via a trial. Our lawyers are ready and able to try the most complex breach of contract suits.

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