Collection of Services Rendered Done Right

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your company afloat but when your services rendered are not yet paid, there is a big chance that your flow of income will falter which can affect your operations. But what can you do if your debtors aren’t paying you any time soon? Will you spend hours and days badgering your debtor to pay instead of focusing on running your business? Of course not! What you need is collection specialists who will enable you to collect your outstanding accounts receivable in a prompt and proficient manner.

Collecting Services Rendered Expertly

Getting your company paid for the services rendered on time is important to ensure that you’ll have enough money to keep your business afloat. However once the debtor starts to make excuses, it’s harder to convince him to pay up. Our law firm can secure the payment for the services you have rendered from the debtor as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our up-to-date tracking software, we’ll be able to assess your accounts as well as your debtors to review their available funds and assets, to ensure that they can pay promptly what they owe you. We don’t resort to threats when it comes to collecting money.

As a law firm, we have the ability to initiate a lawsuit and collect the debt.

Why waste time doing the collection when you can simply let our lawyers attend to it themselves? Our company is a fully bonded and insured collections and litigation law firm handling claims throughout the state of Florida.

Expert Collectors

Payment for your services rendered should be paid within the discussed due date but when the due date has passed and your customer has failed to meet his financial obligations, it is time to hire The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen P.A to handle the collection for you. With our many years of experience and expertise, we will certainly be of tremendous assistance to you in collecting your debts.