Advocacy for Promissory Note Litigation

Florida Collections Law Firm – Promissory Note Litigation

At the Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, P.A., we greatly endeavor to fight for all your contractual rights.Since the inception of our collections law firm, we have represented different kinds of lending institutions and a plethora of banks across the country in litigating promissory notes in the State of Florida. Our collections law firm seeks to develop the best strategy for pursuing the collection of your loan(s) and take action to implement this plan.

We equally strive to help our clients completely understand how Florida’s state law applies to them and while at it, help thoroughly review their loan documents. Simply put, the Law Office of Noam J. Cohen is aggressive and passionate about enforcing promissory notes.

Effective Promissory Note Litigation

What Is a Promissory Note? And what are its Terms?

A legal document that evidences a loan is aptly referred to as a promissory note. The individual or entity that executes the note is promising to repay the debt to the lender. The terms of the promissory note include: the consequences of default, what constitutes default, maturity date, terms of repayment (plus interest), interest rate, principal amount of the loan, date of the contract and parties to the contract.

At the Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, we enforce a promissory note by initially sending a 30 day demand letter to the borrower. If the demand letter fails to resolve the issue, we initiate a lawsuit.

Once we have obtained a judgment, we are legally empowered to enforce the judgment through a variety of post-judgment remedies including: bank garnishments, wage garnishment and levies of vehicles.

Contact us at the Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, PA to enforce your promissory note and promissory note litigation. We’re experienced collection attorneys and can develop a strategy for collecting money owed to you.