Domestication of Foreign Judgments

If you have an Out-of-State Judgment and your debtor resides in Florida or owns assets in Florida, our domestication of foreign judgment service will get you on your way to collecting what you are owed. Domestication is the process by which an out-of-state judgment is “recognized” and becomes enforceable in Florida. Our firm offers a convenient way to Domesticate a foreign judgment (an Out-of-State judgment) for a low fee.

We charge $750.00 plus costs for our domestication and post-judgment garnishment services and are fully equipped to collect on the judgment on a contingency rate thereafter. Simply fill out the form provided and mail it to us along with the original exemplified version of the judgment.

Should you possess a foreign judgement that you wish us to domesticate, call our office ASAP 305-341-3545

Please fax form to (305) 948-6665