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Do you need help with retail and commercial collections? You’ve come to the right place because we are considered the best Gainesville collection attorney there is. Collecting money from debtors can be tough especially when they don’t want to pay up. This can cause stress as well as hinder the smooth operation of your business since your focus will be divided between collecting and running your company. For those who need an expert to handle this side of their business, you should come to us immediately.

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Our collection attorneys can handle different types of collection such as:

  • Breach of contract is where the debtor needs to pay a specific amount for the loan or payment that they borrowed but refuses.
  • Paying for debt from credit cards.
  • For hospitals that treated patients who made promissory notes but failed to pay on time.
  • Medical bills that is still unpaid.

We can even help you sue the debtor if they refuse to pay and with the aid of our software, we’ll be able to check your debtor’s assets, current financial status, and choose an appropriate punishment for them whether to build another contract or vacate your premises. Sometimes you have to be ruthless especially in these times if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Having your accounts receivables collected by a professional collection agency like ours, can help relieve the stress you are feeling when it comes to collecting.


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There are plenty of collection firms out there that can help you collect money from account receivables, and so on without you having to do all the hard work. Simply tell us what kind of collection you want us to perform and we’ll take care of it for you. It’s easy, it’s fast, and the best part is that we only get to receive money from you if we manage to collect payment.

\Regardless of what your collection problem is, whether it is from a commercial or retail outlet, you should let us take care of the collection yourself. We have the best people working for us all of whom are trained to collect and find ways to persuade debtors to pay up or risk of being dragged to court.

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Why worry about who will be collecting debts when you can leave the hard work in our very capable hands. Our mere presence alone will be enough to warn debtors that they have to pay up or else. At The Law Offices Of  Noam J. Cohen, PA, you know that what you are owed will be delivered to you on time. Just choose the type of collection you want us to perform and we’ll handle the rest.