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Debt collection is a service that is best served by qualified professionals, and we are your best Hialeah Collection Attorney service. The days of tracking down and threatening debtors are long gone and only demonstrate your level of un-professionalism. From now on, you can be sure that you will get professional debt collection services from an experienced Hialeah collection attorney to ensure that you recover your money in the least possible time.

At the Law Offices of Naom J. Cohen, P.A we provide hands on debt recovery with the help of the full force of the law. We can attest to the fact that debtors respond to subtle legal demands for debt and not traditional methods of threats, where they still refuse to pay up, we have the knowledge and expertise to originate law-suits and recover the debt in a court of law.

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Our List of Services Include:

  • Breach of Lease: If you are a landlord and your tenant decides to dishonor the lease agreement they signed you have a legal right to various remedies for this
  • Promissory Note: This is a legal document, which is a testament of a debt owing on services rendered or goods delivered, come to us and we will help you recover your money on all dishonored notes
  • Money Lent: If you lent out money, whether a friend or a business, we are your best chance of recovering it from a disappearing debtor.
  • Goods Sold & Delivered: Many small businesses fold due to the fact that they cannot recover debts fast enough to finance their operation, hire us at the law offices of Naom J. Cohen, P.A and avoid this fate.
  • Collections of charged off Credit Card Debts: We also collect all charged off debts that have been written off by Credit Card companies.
  • Services Rendered: If you provided services to a person or business, but they are non-responsive to your collection attempts call us and let us recover the money you are owed as you focus on your business.
  • Returned Checks: We also track down and recover funds from debtors who issue checks drawn from accounts with insufficient funds.
  • Medical Bills: Once a patient gets better they still have to honor medical bills. However, this is not always the case, we have what it takes to track them down and recover payments.
  • Automobile Levies: To recover an amount owing from a debtor we conduct a search on all their assets and can seize these under the provisions of the law as a means to securing payment.
  • Subrogation: To collect the debt on your behalf we can take your place and assume your rights so as to better track down the debtor as well as take them to court if need be.
  • Garnishment of both Bank Accounts and Wages: The law provides that lenders can be able to legally instruct employers to remit part of the employee’s salary towards the repayment of a pending debt.

An experienced Hialeah collection attorney represents clients in commercial debt collection. One of the main things we would like to inform our Hialeah clients is that we only get paid after the debt has been recovered, and they have been paid.


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