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If you are in St. Petersburg, Florida and in need of a qualified professional collection attorney, then you have come to the right place. The licensed law offices of Naom J. Cohen, P.A. is the ideal law firm where you will get the best collection attorney. This distinguished law firm practice specializes in commercial and retail debt collections. We pride in the prompt manner in which we serve our clients when it comes to outstanding debts and accounts receivable collection. It is a fact that at the law offices of Naom J. Cohen, P.A. offices you will receive personal attention because you are very important to us and your business is our business. Seeking to speak to a St. Petersburg Collection Attorney?

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Technology has given us a good footing when it comes to debt collection. The specialized collection software that we have put in place has enabled us to fast track debtors and their assets for quick debt recovery.

Our aggressiveness and persistence does not threaten or intimidate the debtors in any way. This goes a long way in ensuring that we, providing St. Petersburg collection attorney services, resolve the matter and the debts are paid without filing a suit and probably spending more money on the same. By handling the debtors gently, the response is more than often positive with the debtor paying the outstanding debts without much ado. In case we come across a difficult debtor who is not willing to pay the outstanding debts, then, legal action is taken on him. Being legally empowered to initiate a lawsuit and obtain a judgment on our clients’ behalf makes our work easier and a walk in the park.

Our reputable law offices of Naom J. Cohen, P.A., including our St. Petersburg collection attorney cannot only file suits and obtain judgments, but can also enforce those judgments for you, our clients. If the judgment states that legal actions like garnishment of bank accounts and wages be enforced, then, we have the ability to do so. We, however, customize our collection strategies as per the instructions of our clients.


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At our law firm, you will be provided with several other services hence no need of finding other agencies for the same. Those services include, credit card debt management, returned checks, breach of contract, promissory notes, goods sold and delivered, collections of charged off credit card debt portfolios among others.

If you are looking for a place where your business will be valued, then, rest assured that at law offices of Naom J. Cohen, P.A. your business will be treated as our business. Accessibility of  a St. Petersburg collection attorney and excellent service has been our key to success, and that is why we have not gone wrong in what we do and we will not lead you astray either. Contact a St. Petersburg collection attorney today.