Recovering Assets with a West Palm Beach Collection Attorney

You have taken risks, big and small, in order to help your business in West Palm Beach, Florida grow into what it is today. Consequently, you were able to deliver the products and services as you have promised to your clients. However, you still have not reached your target return of investments because of certain debtors who seem to need more than their memory in order to remember to pay their debt. This is where we at The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, P.A can help. Get in touch with a West Palm Beach Collection Attorney.

Our firm is dedicated to help creditors like you to recover assets and unpaid debts. We are a licensed commercial litigation and collections law firm that makes use of state of the art software that allows us to immediately locate debtors and their assets in West Palm Beach and in the other parts of America. We guarantee you constant updates regarding your case so you can be updated all the time.
Consult with a West Palm Beach Collection Attorney

We at The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, P.A make use of a wide variety of legal solutions that are tailor made to suit the individualities of each client we cater. Our West Palm Beach collection attorney make sure to settle differences in an amicable way without resorting to sending threatening and intimidating notices to your debtors. The firm also follows proper procedures before filing a suit, should a debtor fail to pay.

Here are some of the services offered at our firm:

  • Subrogation –The attorneys at our firm are experienced and well-trained in dealing with matters concerning insurance subrogation in West Palm Beach. You can expect amicable negotiations with your debtors and thorough preparation should a trial be held.
  • Levies – We make sure at The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, P.A to give you a peace of mind and to keep your business financially healthy by keeping you up to date with our levy recovery processes.
  • Credit Card Debt – We have represented clients on both sides of trials concerning credit card debts. We ensure that you fully enjoy your rights as a credit card owner or as a company who offers credit services.
  • Promissory Note – If you have lent a person, group or company some assets and were left with a promissory note, then we at The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, P.A can help you in recovering what was borrowed from you.
  • Medical Bills– Certain laws regarding billing of medical patients have made a collection of bills from these consumers quite challenging. Our firm can help you in dealing with this situation so that your hospital or clinic can thrive without having to deal with immobile assets.
  • Breach of Contract – We have a good reputation in representing entities that have been violated by another through a breach in a certain contract. Our lawyers at The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, P.A will see to it that every trial is properly prepared for.